Top Five FMV Games by Shells Walter


5. I saw Black Clouds

I Saw Black Clouds is the story of a woman dealing with the death of her best friend. Throughout the game, you are able to interact with choices and different people she does. The acting is alright and the game gives a spooky atmosphere.


4.Ten Dates

Ten Dates is the follow-up ti Five Dates. Two friends go to a speed dating area in the UK. You get to interact with each of their dates and pick which ones to g on dates with. The interaction is a bit slow but fun in the same regard. The acting isn’t bad and something that is replayable.


3.Simulcra 2

Simulcra 2 is a game that’s a follow-up to Simulcra with a different set of characters. Your interactions are on what looks like a cell phone and there are many puzzles to solve while looking at websites and talking to people. The acting isn’t bad and you can have fun solving the puzzles.


2. Five Dates

Five Dates takes place during the shutdown of Covid-19. It's about a man who has decades to try online dating. Through what we assume to be an online app he views his different dates, chats with them, and makes a choice who he likes. He has a sidekick who is the comedic relief in the story and just makes for good fun. The acting is cute and the interaction makes it feel like you’re there.


1. Erica

Erica is the story about Erica who lives with the death of her father. She goes into a research hospital where she learns the truth about her father and mother. The storyline is great. It keeps you entertained with interactions that feel real and acting is some of the best for a video game.

BTS Island: In The Seom, Mobile Game Review by Madison Walter


As a big fan of BTS in general, BTS Island: In The Seom, really appealed to me. I found the game after seeing screenshots and small videos from it and wanted to know what it was. Eventually, i found it and fell in love with it immediately. It's just so cute; even if you don't know or like BTS. It's gameplay style is very Candy Crush-esque, which was almost a deal breaker for me personally as I'm not a fan of that kind of gameplay, but I think the cute little BTS characters being on the side and sometimes helping me through the levels is what made me stick to it. Basically, it's a special case, haha. I also just can't get over the general style of everything, like I said it's so cute.

The game also gives me sort of Animal Crossing vibes with how you slowly build up the little environments for the BTS members during the story, and how they just wander around and interact. On the topic of interactions, being able to pick the members up and make them interact with either each other or the things in the environment is my absolute favorite part of this game. And the fact there are references to events that have actually happened and been said is even better. When I first started playing this game I didn't really understand a lot of them, but it's been a while since I started and now it's so cute to finally know it all with time.

I love & appreciate how accurate the BTS characters are to the actual members. As for the levels, like I said previously I don't much care for the Candy Crush gameplay, but In The Seom just makes it very rewarding to finish one. Mainly cause they can be VERY tough sometimes, but when you finish a level, the member who helped you clear said level does a little choreo move at the end. How can you not smile and feel good after that?

I also appreciate that their power-ups are not always a necessity so it's not really a pay-to-win game, because you can get said power-ups from pretty much anything; it just makes those extremely hard levels all the more tough, of course. Which I'm okay with honestly, but as with every mobile game, it's really sad when you've run out of hearts; which is In The Seom's sort of "energy" used for the levels, in which you have to wait for it to recharge. But of course, In The Seom has a few ways to replenish these hearts, and those are by having a friend send you one or by joining a "club" and having the club members send you some, so thankfully the way to get them is easy.

When you complete specific tasks, like matching blocks or using powerups, you can unlock photos of the members based on how many times you do it. On top of all that, they also have outfit packs for the members you can purchase that rotate between a discounted one, or a new style, every once in a while in the shop. They range from clothes they wore during performances to outfits from shows they were a part of, all recreated in the adorable chibi art style of In The Seom. The more expensive packs sometimes include set pieces that can be interacted with. You can also get certain style pieces, power-ups, and decorations through their "lucky box", using golden tickets and their paid currency, which you can also get just from playing.

One of the best parts of all? The game's free to play AND has zero ads. Most mobile games I've seen are usually cluttered with them but this one doesn't have any, it's very refreshing.

Overall, I find BTS Island: In The Seom to be a very delightful and joy-inducing game for someone like me, and I think it's one I'd personally recommend to mobile game enjoyers.

Stuff you may not know about Nintendo by Shells Walter

 Mario and Luigi have been jumping on and around things in video games for decades. They even have their own movie now. But where did these popular playable characters in games come from? 


Nintendo is a company that creates ideas, turning them into video games. Their hit games of Mario Brothers and Legend of Zelda have boosted the company’s sales at times in the millions.

Who is Nintendo and how did the company get to be a well-known force in the gaming industry?

Well for one, Nintendo didn’t start out in the video gaming industry. 

It also wasn't just named Nintendo.

The original name of this well-known company was called Yamauchi Nintendo and it didn’t create video games at the time, but playing cards.

As you can see it was 1889 and the thought of video games wasn’t even a foreseeable technology at the time.

And hence this is where Nintendo began its legacy in the gaming industry.

Moving forward several years later in the 1950s,  Nintendo wanting to market these playing cards, made a deal with another company that is extremely well known now called Disney to get Disney characters on their cards.

The partnership with Disney would be a profitable venture selling close to a million of these playing cards. 

However, the playing cards in the gaming industry a few years later was losing its momentum. People were losing interest in these types of games and yearned for something different.

Nintendo realized this and around 1966, started to move more into the toy industry. But unfortunately, the process of doing toys did not work out for them after a while either.

So what was this company going to do after several years of dipping into entertaining the masses?

Video games.

The 70s brought changes in so many things and technology was one of them.

Games took a whole new meaning when gaming consoles were invented.

The first gaming console according to the Computer Museum of America, was the Magnavox’s Odessy created in 1972. 

And yes, Nintendo had a hand in getting this new form of entertainment at the time out.

The company played a crucial role by creating a light gun to go with the console’s shooting gallery games.

Nintendo most likely saw a market for entertainment that was new and interesting to the public. 

Games, and not just any games, arcade games, and console games.

Erica -Review by Shells Walter


Erica is a Full Motion Video game, FMV for short, made by Flavourworks.

It is basically a pick-your-choice type of game.


You start out the game as Erica, a younger adult who has challenges with the loss of her father. Her father has always mentioned she was special. She, however, does not understand why. She only knows her mother used to work at this facility that takes care of what looks like the mentally ill. Erica meets certain characters that also can influence the storyline based on the choices the player makes.


As the game continues the choices you make change the storyline a bit here and there. It can also influence the ending where there are multiples of.


The best thing about Erica is the storyline and acting. The story is fantasy, horror, and thriller combined. It is fun to make the choices and play through the several endings to see what happens. It is undoubtedly a game that grabs one in playing straight through. The game takes roughly two hours to play but is worth the time.